Happy birthday honey!! part 2

I try to write it down in English in order to make Thomas understand it and also to practice and improve my poor English šŸ™
We had a dinner in “Dapur Babah” on Veteran area near the u pas di sebelah the famous “Ragussa”. The place is nice and really and cozy.. the atmosphere just like the old Jakarta n also the food is a kind of food that usually served on the old time when Jakarta still known as Batavia.
Mas ordered a soup that made from one of spongebob’s friend : squidqwartz (is my spelling right? hmmm i dont know, someone pls correct me if i’m wrong :))
It’s taste like Tom yanggung, sweet, sour and spicy mixed of taste
Then, i gave him my second gift..
“Hah, more gift for me?” *excited*
“What is it..?” *I think he can guess what it is ;)*
“Open it!” *with secret smile on my face”
Finally “Airbus A380 – house colour” is revealed
“Waw… Thanks ya…!”
“Wait2, it’s another gift for you!”
“Hah… really?” *with unbelievable face*
“Yup, open it pls…”
Eng ing eng… “Air Canada – Tango”
“It’s another gift and it’s the most unbelievable gift…!”
Mas couldn’t say a word and became speechless..
“read it first n guess from who that is..”
“From Thomas?” *still with unbelievable face…*
“Yup, you’re right…”
You should tell me the whole story, he said with suspicious face hahahaha
I will Mas!
Hehehehe this year – with help from Thomas – i made a surprised gift for Mas..
Mas has a hooby collecting the diecast aircraft model.
that’s why i plan to give him these gifts..

to be continued


  1. You can see this beast flying at the end of the year with Singapore Airlines!!!

  2. You are right Thomas, even The (Future) Queen (I prefer “KING”) of the Sky attend the Asian Aerospace in singapore this month…..and everybody got no words when looking at this bird!!

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