Rugs your house

When, I and my husband finally decided that we will move to our new house, we want the house to be better than the one that we stay in right now. We start to design what it will look like, the furniture, the windows, the floors and even the rugs.

We want to have a cozy house, because we like to stay at home and do nothing. Wake up late, watch TV, browse the internet and just enjoy being at home.

We also like to shop online. It’s more convenient, a lot of choices to choose and save a lot of time and money, off course! 😀 We want to find a website that sell cheap rugs at good quality. We found this website – superior rugs when we were looking for area rugs.

They sell a lot of kind of rugs, from Persian, Oriental, contemporary, traditional, Eurepoean and to Native American design rugs. Anykind of rugs with high quality at low price.

For living room, we choose deeper color to make the room cozier. We found the round shape motive that fit with this room. We don’t want to add any furniture in this room, therefore we can lay on the rugs while watching TV or playing games. Therefore we really make sure that the rugs that we choose is comfortable enough for that. Superior rugs gives us more choice and helps us in making decisions.

Moreover, because they have a promotion when we buy the rugs so they do not charge us for the shipping cost. That’s make this deal perfect. We found the rugs we want with the cheapest price and we also save money for the shipping cost. If we don’t satisfy with the rugs that they delivered, we can send it back to them and they will refund the money as long as it’s within 7 days after you receive the rugs.

For payment, they use paypal. What else can be convenient as Paypal, right? (wink)


  1. selamat deh, mantab met menata-meniti-menutu, hehehehe

    tx mbak

  2. Discounts, promotions and their cronies make shopping is an irresistible activity (sun)

    A-hard-t0-resist-temptation even in a crisis (wink)

  3. Lagi nyari karpet yang design retro 🙂 Banyak siy yang jual, tapi harganya kurang cocok ama dompet gw :))

    Selamat mempercantik rumaaaahhhh…! (rock)

  4. Dari kecil ngak pernah pake kayak gitu
    soalnya klo ngak rajin di bersiin bisa nyimpen debu
    itu yang bikin asma kumat

    ngak bisa miara hewan2 ber bulu juga… menyedihkan
    *kok jadi curhat ya*

  5. Keren juga mbak.. beli karpet gitu, udah di gratisin biaya pengiriman, boleh dibalikin pulak kalau nggak puas.
    Aku kurang tahu juga sih, kayaknya di Indonesia belanja online gitu kurang rame. Kebanyakan takut ketipu kualitas kali.. hehehe

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