Credit Report

When we moved here last September,we don’t have any credit history. It likes a new born 😀 From your credit record, you can obtain your credit score. A good credit score is 700 or more. Credit record is a crucial thing when it comes to lend some amount of money to the bank, obtain a mortgage or even when you want to appy for a credit card. That’s why, when we try to apply for credit card, they denied our application 🙁 Also, we’ve been charged for higher rate than regular people has for car’s rent.

After a while, we’ve started to create our credit record, from the apartment’s rent and also car’s rent. My husband tried again for credit card application. This time, may be because we already have our credit report, the application was finally granted. For the first time, the credit card’s limit was very low.  We used the credit card and tried to pay it one time. It makes our credit limit increase from time to time.

Free credit report can be obtained for this Credit Nexus web site. Look at your credit report regularly to see if there any weird acitivity which is link to the fraud acitivity. It said almost 2000 people a day becomes a fraud identity’s victim in America.

Credit Nexus gives you a totally free credit report from 3 major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian)


  1. Congrats….
    Happy shopping…
    Be wise for using your credit card :bye:
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  2. adipati kademangan says:

    great, you have the new ones. could you invite me (for eat anyway) 😆 ?

  3. perhitungan credit card di sini ma disana beda ya mba? aku pernah nonton di oprah, kalau track record kita bagus bisa nego bunga credit card nya
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  4. hhmmm, kok romaing yah rasanya he he he

  5. uniii, ini job paid review yaa? mau dong diajarin. i dont know where to start (yet). 😛
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  6. kalo punya kredit memang repot mbak, apalagi kalo jangka waktunya 10 tahun kayak saya. *judulnya kredit repot tho mbak?*

  7. :kungfu: shopping…

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