Black Friday

Friday after thanksgiving is the day when people begins to shop for christmas. A lot of store offer a huge discount. That friday is called black friday. I don’t know the history of it, may be i should ask uncle Google. I’m sure he knows the answer 😀

My hubby wants a DSLR camera so badly and he already found a website that sell with the cheapest price. I said to him, why don’t we wait till black friday and see whether the stores have discount for the camera he wants or not.

Guess what, we found it in Boscov’s. Their price was much cheaper than the website!! And we also got a printer for bonus. Yayy..

I thought, we have to plan our- Black-Friday-shopping for the next year 😀


  1. Whew!! Kog di sini ga ada black-friday ya?! *cari diskonan*

  2. You know who I am... says:

    Dasar orang Amerika!!….itungan banget and seneng banget ngutang ya!! 🙂
    Buat dapetin diskon 45% -50% sampe nginep2 di depan toko….ck…ck….ck… 😛

    BTW, it is really a steal for a Nikon D80 plus 18-55 VR ED and 55-200 mm VR ED lenses… -:D

  3. wah belanja2 nih asiknyaaa

  4. tinggal liat hasil jepret sana sini nya dunk 😀

  5. @ Imansyah : iya yaa.. kapan di Jakarta ada black friday yaa

    @ I know who you are : Senengnya yang punya kamera baru 😛

    @ Lala : sik asik 😀

    @ Maya : tungguin ya May foto2 narsis gw 😀

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